Interviewing Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Even if you are a seasoned healthcare provider, you may be unaccustomed to interviewing for a new practice situation. Today, with the fierce competition for good positions, it is important for you to be well prepared for your interview. With that in mind, we have prepared these tips to assist you with your very important interview visit.

  • Arrive early for your interview. Arriving late leaves a negative first impression!

  • Dress appropriately! Do not display tattoos, body jewelry, etc. Wear a dark suit or business dress, polish your shoes, press your clothes, etc.

  • Leave your personal problems at home and put forth your best attitude, focusing only on the opportunity and community you are interviewing for.

  • Communicate openly with those you meet and try not to speak too quickly. Make it a point to speak slowly and enunciate so you are clearly understood.

  • Ask what they are seeking in a candidate, then stress your attributes in those areas.

  • Review the itinerary beforehand to ensure you are wearing the proper attire for any social activities that may be planned (i.e., dinner at a fine restaurant, or outdoor retreat, etc.)

  • Make a list of criteria that are important to you and your family in a new practice situation and community, and ask questions during the interview process.

  • Don't hesitate to ask the same question of more than one person. You may receive additional information by asking the same question of multiple people during the interview process.

  • NEVER criticize your current employer! It is acceptable to share concerns about prior positions, but never blame others or name-call. Be matter of fact without being emotional or negative!

  • Do not initiate discussions about financial issues or your own remuneration too soon in the process. This is often one of the last items discussed. Be careful not to give the impression money is your only interest.

  • Toward the end of the process, verbally thank those you meet during the interview. Let the key decision makers know you are interested before you leave!

  • Follow up on the interview promptly with a written thank you note. This is imperative. Your interviewers will be impressed by your professionalism and courtesy.

  • And most importantly, BE YOURSELF! If you put on a false impression, those you meet with will likely detect it.


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